Student Development

Student Union



  1. To enhance the relationshipamong students anda senseof belonging to the school
  2. To develop students’ ability in self-management and personal growth.
  3. To encourage students to give service through promoting student welfare and organizing activities.
  4. To train leadership among students.
  5. Improve communication between students and the school authority.
Eco-fashion Design Contest Christmas Celebration


The student union was established in 1991. All students of the school are members of the Student Union. An election is held during the AGM to choose the executive committee by ballot with one vote to each student.

Student Union aims to exalt democratic and self-governing spirit. The executive committeeorganizes various activities, seeks welfares for students and enhances communication inside and outside the school so as to cultivate citizenship, sense of belonging and resposibility of Ka Shing students.

Inter-class Basketball Competition Singing Contest


Year Chairman Cabinet
2014-2015 Cheung Tsz Lok Brotherhood
2015-2016 Chow Tik Sang Arrows
2016-2017 Cheung Sin Man Dash
2017-2018 Chan Ho Chuen Hyperlink
2018-2019 Lau Hin Spectrum


2018-2019 Student Union — Spectrum

Spectrum is a range of colours observed when white light was dispersed through a prism. The name ‘Spectrum’ represents

the aims of this year Student Union cabinet: diversity.

We aims at:

  • organising diversified activities for all students to join so as to enrich their school lives
  • listening to different opinions from the students and acting as a bridge between the school and the students


Link :

Executive Committee 18-19