Student Development

Moral & Civic Education

The Moral and Civic Education Committee seeks to inculcate positive values in students and raise their social awareness. Taking cultivation of positive values and attitudes as the direction, our school makes use of everyday life events to strengthen the coordination of learning activities, and enhance the connection, among various cross-curricular domains in values education, including moral and ethical education, civic education, Basic Law education, national education, life education, sex education, education for sustainable development, etc. so as to provide students with an all-round learning experience conducive to their whole-person development.

Interactive Drama about Sexual harassment School Famine-Light Meal Activity 


Watoto Children's Choir  Tung Wah Student Ambassadors Tour to Vancouver 


Basic Law Comics Exhibition Blood Donation Day


ICAC Interactive Drama Visit ICAC 


Exhbition of Chinese-style dress-Chi-pao Talk on Tech-kle Poverty


Guided Tour of Fish Pond Ecology and Culture Visit Zero Carbon Building