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Medium of Instruction Policy
Language Policy


As an EMI school, we focus on strengthening the teaching and learning of Chinese and English to enable our students to be biliterate and trilingual, i.e. to be conversant with both written Chinese and English, and be able to speak fluent Cantonese, Putonghua and English.


We strive hard to improve students’ language competence through different strategies:


  1. English is adopted as the teaching medium in ALL classes except a few subjects. The details can be found [here].

  2. Remedial classes in English are set in junior forms so as to cater for learners’ diversity

  3. School-based English Literature is taught in junior forms.

  4. Work with AFS to admit a foreign student. The foreign student will be arranged to study different subjects in different classes. 

  5. Tuesday is set as an “English Speaking Day”. All students are required to use English to communicate with all teachers every Tuesday.

  6. Establish an English Self-Assessment Learning Centre to promote self-directed learning.

  7. Encourage students to participate in various activities like speech, drama and debate so as to increase their confidence in speaking in English.